Ji-Fi, case study - NW Shelf Australia (2015)



To add value to the seismic data by predicting fluids and lithology at existing wells and at the recent discovery, within a three week time constraint. 

  • Produce facies models consistent with the wells & geology 
  • Predict the recent discovery by Woodside at Pyxis 
  • Investigate potential in open acreage

Our thanks go to Searcher Seismic and Spectrum Multiclient for allowing access to the data and permission to publish related case-studies. 

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Seismic data 

  • 12 million traces of PSDM seismic data in time domain as four partial angle stacks (courtesy of Searcher Seismic) 
  • Due to time constraints no conditioning was applied to the seismic data 

Well data 

  • Open source - no petrophysical analysis due to time constraints 
  • Two wells with elastic logs: Bellatrix & Urania, three wells with no elastic logs: Ixion, Pluto & Guilford & one well with no logs: Pyxis 
  • The elastic logs were QC’ed and facies were interpreted consistently across the wells

Ji-Fi gas thickness estimate for Pyxis


  • A perfect fluid contact found in Ji-Fi facies results at Pyxis and to the West of Pyxis-1 & gas column thickness map 
  • Ji-Fi gas thickness estimates for Pyxis 
  • Strong correlations to all the input & blind test wells 
  • Strong gas indication at Pyxis-1 location, a recent gas discovery 
  • 100km of 2D facies traverse generated on Bellatrix-1 & Urania-1 well data

Facies from Ji-Fi