The Ikon Science Wellbore Services team has developed new workflows for the full integration of rock physics, 1D pore pressure and geomechanical models into the 3D and 4D seismic reservoir characterization workflow. The wellbore team delivers a full life cycle integrated well planning, real-time (pore pressure while drilling) monitoring and post-mortem solution for drilling portfolio management and appraisal, and development drilling campaigns.


Decisions on drilling practice, casing and fluid properties are vital to all subsurface exploration, development and decommissioning campaigns. Ikon helps operators make informed pre-drill decisions – reducing unscheduled downtime and improving safety. Our proven methods consider factors such as burial, stress and temperature histories along with rock type, distribution and subsurface structure. Geological context combined with available and relevant data reduces the likelihood of influxes, hole collapses, differential sticking and mud loss. When temperatures rise above 120°C, Ikon’s unique methodology and experience in high pressure and high temperature environments delivers accurate pressure predictions – leading to safer well planning in challenging environments.

Frontier exploration carries inherent risk – having less information available to assess hazards such as geopressure anomalies or the likelihood of formation collapse. Ikon’s experience in predicting subsurface pressures in remote areas, ensures wells can be planned with safe casing and mud weight parameters. Our skilled geomechanics team delivers deeper insight into those issues affecting borehole stability that may arise during drilling so they can be anticipated and mitigated.

In unconventional resource plays, variations in pore pressure play a significant role in producibility. Ikon combines rock physics and pore pressure models with 3D facies and elastic property cubes from our Ji-Fi technology to deliver data-driven estimates of pore pressures with unprecedented levels of detection. These estimates, when calibrated with historical drilling and production data, improve efficiency in well planning and predict drilling and production behavior.


Ikon offers software and geomechanics services that integrate pore pressure and rock physics expertise to construct robust geomechanical models for pre-drill planning, real-time monitoring and post-mortem investigations. Our experts have worked across a wide variety of plays and geological settings to deliver solutions to complex geomechanical issues – helping customers reduce NPT, improve efficiency and successfully deliver hundreds of wells globally.

Our geomechanics solutions leverage our rock physics and QI expertise to ensure the logs and other data being used are appropriately conditioned for use in the geomechanics workflows. Our team delivers 1D, 3D and 4D studies addressing issues such as fault or top seal integrity, wellbore stability analysis for offset locations, fracture intersection studies and detailed post-mortems which can be used to update pre-existing geomechanical models and understand lessons learned. In production settings, we can provide plans for hydraulic fracturing, depletion, compaction, sanding and fracture permeability.

Real-Time Pore Pressure

Ikon’s real-time pressure prediction/monitoring service delivers updated pore pressure and fracture pressure while drilling, using a secure internet connection. We provide customers a real-time, proactive approach in drilling wells to reduce the uncertainties inherent in all pre-drill models, leading to reduced well costs – particularly pertinent in today’s climate.

Monitoring the state of a well, both for pore pressure and stress state, while drilling is critical. This is especially important as many offset wells that are used for the basic information of a pre-drill model often have data gaps such as short wireline and LWD logging runs and may not be representative of the conditions experienced in the wellbore being drilled.

To reduce these uncertainties, real-time measurements assessed from both depth- and time-based drilling data supply key information for mitigating drilling risks. Lots of data is generated during the drilling process can be used to make quick operational-focused decisions without costly delays. Useful information includes drilling parameters, gas and gas peak data, mud logs, analysis of rate of penetration, logging while drilling (LWD) and wireline data such as gamma ray, resistivity and sonic, and information about the well condition and how it changes during drilling.


Ikon’s PPwD service monitors drilling in real-time 24/7 from our operations centers. Your wells are monitored by experienced rig-site personnel having direct access to our world leading pore pressure experts. Operated using the RokDoc RT software, PPwD uses all relevant data and applies calibrated models in real-time to maintain wellbore integrity by preventing or managing unplanned events such as influx of formation pore fluid, loss of drilling fluid to the formation and failure of the wellbore.

PPwD uses the complete Ikon suite of applications running both industry-standard and proprietary modelling methods for PP, FG and OBG analysis. The Ikon PPwD Analyst interprets the real-time data within the framework and understanding of the geological and geomechanical setting. Initial pore pressure and fracture gradient models are based on analysis of offset wells or analogue basins. Starting models always need to be updated or refined as new data is acquired. By working closely with our customer, the Ikon Analyst ensures the results and recommendations from these model updates are communicated to the Well Team for implementation.

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