The Service Delivery portal is a cloud-based offering available to all Ikon Science Services customers. It ensures the data and the valuable insights generated through every services engagement with Ikon is captured, documented, and immediately delivered to your team.

Ikon Science’s client invest significant amounts of time and money in service projects. The products of the studies are well understood at the time they are received. However, as time passes, and the teams involved change, the value in the projects diminishes as the deliverables are archived and potentially permanently forgotten. The Service Delivery portal is a hosted offering available to all Ikon Science Services customers. It ensures the data and the valuable insights generated through every services engagement with Ikon are captured, documented, and always available to your team.

The package includes a secure, pre-configured server with installations of the appropriate Ikon software as well as a data solution consultation. Legacy service projects are aggregated, standardized, and loaded in to the Service Delivery database. In addition ancillary data that may not be supported by RokDoc such as reports, composite logs images, core photos and petrography may also be loaded. GIS and wellbore-based visualization enables your team to view, interact with and learn from the full integration of Ikon deliverables and software capabilities.

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Data Solution Consultation

The Service Delivery portal is customized to the needs of each client. Ikon Science experts work with your subsurface and data management team as needed to align or establish various naming conventions, schemas and visualization templates to seamlessly integrate Ikon solutions into your existing workflows and software applications. They will provide a mapping of all customer-preferred mnemonics for logs and other data types to establish standards for all future services engagements.

Server Set-up for Ikon Solutions

The Ikon Services team will set up your server with the appropriate configurations of Ikon solutions, which are accessed via secure web login. The software are configured to allow searching and visualization of the end deliverables using pre-defined templates. The Service Delivery portal is designed to provide a gold standard reference where users can search interrogate and download information for future projects. As such the database is read only to ensure the quality of the data are maintained.

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Project Set-up and Standardization

The Ikon team standardizes all data based on the agreed log and other data naming conventions and then loads all RokDoc deliverables along with provided ancillary data into the Service Delivery database.

Visualization templates will be set up during the data solutions consultation. Your end users will benefit from having the micro-macro scale digital data integrated with unstructured image data such as core photos in a format completely standardized across every well instance. Standardized RokDoc projects maybe opened and investigated within the Web platform.


The Service Delivery portal ensures that all future service work performed by Ikon is delivered to you both digitally and for visualization through the hosted software in a format consistent to your defined conventions and standards. As new service engagements are completed, the end results are migrated to the Service Delivery datastore and ancillary data is loaded into each well instance based on their assigned loading category.

The package also provides you with access to Ikon’s e-learning courses to learn how to get the most from Ikon’s hosted solutions.

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Additional Services

Ikon offers a range of additional data solutions offerings as add-ons to the Service Delivery subscription. These solutions help you further explore and implement the digital transformation of your business – maximizing the value of the data and expanding visualization to improve decision making.

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