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Ikon Science Innovation, Research and Development (R&D)

Ikon Science's R&D portfolio supports collaborative projects that accelerate to market new geoprediction capabilities by managing advanced technology development in partnership with customers, academic institutions and government-funded entities.

New Frontier

The global energy industry is constantly challenging the status quo by exploring and producing in new areas, at deeper depths and in more complex geological settings. Science, technology and process innovation are the keys to sustaining the expansion of the possible and the doable.

Pioneers in geoscience, Ikon Science is Innovation

Since the company’s inception in 2001, Ikon Science has pioneered, developed and delivered new ideas to improve the accuracy and reliability of subsurface predictions. Although many of these success stories were fruits of our own expertise and vision, funded by our growing resources, a number were collaborative achievements between a customer and the Ikon team.

Multi-attribute facies

Over the years, an American major developed innovative methodologies to better characterise complex multi-facies depositional systems, but usage was challenging and there was demand for a mainstream platform that would facilitate workflow integration. These technologies are licensed to Ikon Science in exchange for their implementation and on-going maintenance within the RokDoc platform.

National level strategic partnerships

When Ikon Science opened its office in Brasil in 2012, local operators were confronted with unique challenges specific to their acreage. Ikon Science signed an agreement with the COPPE institute, an arm of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, to establish and train a Brasilian software team to work on adapting or innovating around Ikon Science's existing portfolio of solutions to address the customers’ needs.