Virtual Event

SEG 2020

October 14 - 16, 2020

Ikon Science will have a virtual booth at SEG 2020. Our experts will be available for Product Demos or to schedule a 1-1 meeting with an Ikon Customer Care, Technical Team Or Services Representative. View the full schedule here.


Ikon will be presenting four technical talks during the SEG technical program this year. They include:


Monday, October 12

2:15: Technical Poster Session: RP P1 Applications of Rock Physics Models Session: Rock physics modeling of carbonates by Alan Mur and Lev Vernik, (INT. AUD.: 3) Speaker: Alan Mur


3:05: Technical Program Session: AVOSI 1 Case Studies Session: Depth-dependent lateral amplitude corrections for onshore seismic by Benjamin Hardy and Venkatesh Anantharamu, (INT. AUD.: 3) Speaker: Ben Hardy


Tuesday, October 13

2:40: Technical Program Session: RP 1 Current Topics Session: Elastic depth trends for siliciclastic sequences by Lev Vernik and Jeremy Gallop, (INT. AUD.: 3) Speaker: Jeremy Gallop


Wednesday, October 14

3:05: Technical Program Session: AVOSI 2 Algorithms and Methodology 2: Empirical Bayesian multi-angle wavelet combination by Jeremy Gallop, (INT. AUD.: 3) Speaker: Jeremy Gallop



And we have lots of booth activity! Please sign up for one of our six booth presentations where our experts will discuss important challenges and opportunities facing the industry.


Monday, October 12:

11:15: Overcoming Industry Challenges Through Technology Transformation

3:00: RokDoc Release 2020.3 and 2020.4



Tuesday, October 13:

11:00: Multi-scenario Multi-realization Seismic Inversion

3:00: Integrated Simulation-to-Seismic and Seismic Reservoir Characterization in a CO2 EOR Monitoring Application



Wednesday, October 14:

11:00: Monitoring Pore Pressure in Real-time: Capabilities, Case Study and Implications

3:00: Yet Another Dry Hole: Using Digital Transformation to Improve Drilling Success



If you would like to set up a meeting ahead of time, please email

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