October 13 - 15, 2020

Introduction to Geomechanics - 3 Days Course

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Course Outline:

Learn the fundamental concepts underpinning any geomechanical study such as rock properties, the relationship between stress and strain, sources of stress and the components of a full stress tensor.
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  • What is geomechanics?
  • Stress, strain and failure
  • Why should you care about geomechanics?
Stress and Strains
  • The relationship between stress and strain
  • Elastic vs brittle vs plastic deformation
  • The principal stress magnitudes
  • Shear stress and normal stress
  • Stress tensor
  • Plate boundary forces
  • Effect of local structure
The in-situ Stress Tensor
  • Reference states
  • Vertical stress
  • Maximum horizontal stress
  • Minimum horizontal stress
  • Andersonian classification
  • Pore pressure stress coupling
  • Rock Properties and Failure Envelopes
  • Visualising stress tensors with Mohr Diagrams
Determining Rock Mechanical Properties from Petroleum Data
  • Elastic properties
  • Rock strength
Stress determination from Petroleum Data
  • Data QC
  • Vertical Stress Magnitude
  • Stresses around a wellbore
  • Horizontal Stress Orientation
  • Interpreting Image log and calliper data
  • Minimum horizontal stress magnitude
  • Hydraulic fracture tests theory and description
  • Maximum horizontal stress magnitude
  • Breakout Occurrence and rock strength
  • Drilling induced tensile fracture occurrence and rock strength
  • Frictional Limits
  • Breakout Width
  • Stresses around Arbitrarily Inclined Wellbores
  • Wireline Stress Estimates (1D geomechanical models)
  • Rock Physics
  • Geological Environment
Petroleum Applications
  • Well Planning
  • Predictive Wellbore Stability
  • Generic WBS
  • Trajectory WBS
  • Drilling Optimisation
  • Structural Permeability
  • Fault Seal Analysis
  • Fracture Permeability
  • Sanding
  • Implications for Fracture Stimulation

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