RokDoc Reservoir Characterisation

Ikon Science’s RokDoc Reservoir Characterisation module allows you to quickly and easily use seismic data to understand the subsurface. Even with limited data, you can make more accurate and faster decisions with more confidence.

The RokDoc Reservoir Characterisation modules brings a range of sophisticated tools; convert existing inversion volumes into meaningful and accurate geological rock properties for prospect evaluation. The RokDoc 3D cross-plot allow users to integrate well, seismic and rock physics data and establish whether inversion results are consistent with forward models from well data. 

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Quickly and easily use seismic data to understand the subsurface. Make accurate and faster decisions with more confidence

Industry Challenges

Drilling costs increasing, hydrocarbon pool sizes decreasing
  • New frontiers geological uncertainties are considerable
  • Mature areas where traps can be very subtle and/or small
  • Old fields approaching end of life
Drilling success rates / well productivities are highly variable
  • Over reliance on qualitative interpretation techniques
  • Failure to adequately capture and incorporate uncertainty into models
  • Lack of cross discipline integration during model building and reserves estimation
Drilling and geophysical interpretation cycle times are out of sync
  • Inability to impact drilling decisions in fast paced projects
  • Time wasted and errors made transferring data between multiple software packages

Reservoir Characterisation Module


Explore for, develop, prolong field life

  • Accessible workflows that support both sparse and dense data
  • Cross discipline datasets and solutions for exploration through to life of field surveillance
  • Effectively communicate with engineers


Fully explore and capture uncertainty

  • Integrate multiple data sources, capturing uncertainties
  • Extract maximum value through data optimisation and conditioning
  • Build and interrogate more models, exploring all viable outcomes


Efficient and effective solutions

  • Recipe based workflows embedded in easy to use GUI’s with automated QC’s
  • Reduce cycle time to generate predictive 3D subsurface models
  • Single platform reduces data transfer and corruption

Reservoir Characterisation Module Add-ons

Advanced SDC
Sophisticated 3D based de-noising and pre-conditioning workflows for 3D and 4D seismic data. Key features include: seismic dip estimation, structure oriented filtering multi-trace 3D/4D post/pre-stack time shift estimation, frequency slice filtering and dip steered AVO gradient stabilisation.
RokDoc wrapper for the CSIRO Delivery petro-elastic stochastic inversion engine. Key featur es include: delivery inverter, invert near-far oset stacks to petrophysical properties N:G, PHIE, Thickness, Delivery analyser for interrogation of output realisations and computation of statistics.
Integration of engineering model data with seismic in depth for sim-2-seis
Lithology attribute map generated from pre-stack simultaneous inversion
4D seismic anomaly & 3D facies inversion viewed alongside simulator saturation