RokDoc GeoMechanics

RokDoc GeoMechanics adds geomechanical model building to rock physics and quantitative interpretation package. Understanding the stress state in the earth is of vital importance for well plan design, completions optimisation, cap rock integrity, and wellbore stability. Finding a prospect is only part of the battle; safely drilling the well and optimising production is the end goal. RokDoc GeoMechanics makes it easier to predict how a well is going to behave before, during, and after production.

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Industry Challenges

Well complexity is increasing in new environments
  • More complex regions and geology require more complex wells
  • Improper well design and mudweight window creates wellbore instability
  • Non-productive time while plans are adjusted is expensive
Well planning must address and communicate the significant risks and uncertainties
  • Scenario-testing geomechanical and rock property models is difficult
  • Need to evaluate the uncertainty on different timeframes
Loss of knowledge base and discipline integration
  • Poor geomechanical models results from lack of awareness and integration
  • Drilling decisions are out of sync with field appraisal and development

RokDoc Geomechanics


Improve wellbore stability and reduce non-productive drilling time

  • Full library of rock physics properties improves accuracy of models
  • Integration of all data types creates reliable geomechanical models
  • Powerful well extrapolation tools


Create robust, high quality wellbore models

  • Easy scenario testing of models to establish the risks and uncertainties
  • Powerful well extrapolation tools
  • Recipe-based workflows with effective QC procedures
  • Integrated cross-discipline workflows for mitigating the appropriate risks


Fast, efficient and effective solutions

  • Consistent, straightforward workflows with an intuitive user interface
  • Reduced requirement for specialist knowledge and time
  • Clear, consistent delivery of risk through intuitive plots for well design, mud programs, and completion strategies

RokDoc Geomechanics Workflow

Fluid substitution and rock physics modelling
Pore pressure modelling
Stress/fracture identification, facies and sedimentology
Wellbore stability
2D geomechanical modelling
Geomechanics and Image Logs
Interpretation of image logs for borehole breakouts, sedimentary features and fractures. Interactive geomechanical model building, analysis and scenario modelling. Key features include; surface picking and image log conditioning, static-dynamic property calibration, wellbore stability, stereo nets and more.
Wireline log data QC, conditioning and forward modelling of missing data
Wireline log data QC, conditioning and forward modelling of missing data
Integration of all log and well data for robust calibration
Integration of all log and well data for robust calibration
2D/3D analytical geomechanical property models
2D/3D analytical geomechanical property models