RokDoc options for Petrel* users

The initiative for developing Petrel-connected RokDoc functionality started back in 2005 with a technology partnership with a major international Operator. The goal was to create a way of using RokDoc without leaving the Petrel* environment.

*Mark of Schlumberger

Ikon Science currently offer seven Petrel-native plug-ins, plus the RokDoc Interconnector for Petrel*.

Native plug-ins run inside Petrel, with Petrel data and do not require the use of a RokDoc licence or a RokDoc project.

  • Their easy-to-use tabbed workflow allows generalists to perform useful rock physics analysis
  • Immediate purchase of the plug-ins for Petrel can be made from the Ocean Store.

The RokDoc Interconnector for Petrel* is embedded into Petrel* and allows a user with a RokDoc license to move data from Petrel into a RokDoc project, and return results to Petrel.  

Some of the 2D forward modelling capabilities of RokDoc alongside RokDoc coloured inversion tools have been added into Schlumberger's QI module, and a partnership is in place to develop this further - read press release.  

*mark of Schlumberger

RokDoc Bayesian Classification
Plug-in for Petrel*
RokDoc Cross-Plotter
Plug-in for Petrel*
RokDoc Extended Elastic Impedance (EEI)
Plug-in for Petrel*
RokDoc Seismic Data Conditioning (SDC)
Plug-in for Petrel*
RokDoc Rock Physics Workflow
Plug-in for Petrel*
RokDoc Pore Pressure Calculator
Plug-in for Petrel*
RokDoc Interconnector
for Petrel*
Schlumberger Partnership
QI workflows in Petrel*