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The Open Subsurface Data Universe

The OSDU is a vendor-neutral data platform for the energy industry that aims to put data at the center of the subsurface community.

The OSDU Data Platform reduces costs, breaks down data silos, enables innovation and brings data together in one location.The OSDU Forum

The OSDU is intended as a repository for the entire subsurface community which covers a wider range of disciplines from drillers, engineers, geoscientists, and beyond. Therefore, integration with the OSDU is key to the Curate system, and to our wider vision for knowledge management.

Ikon Science and the OSDU

Ikon Science joined the OSDU forum in 2019 and is an active member of the community, contributing domain specific knowledge for data population and utilization across multiple subsurface disciplines. Specifically, these disciplines focus on:


Awareness and accessibility of information. Contextualization of data and communication of suitability and relevance to subsurface workflows.


Identification of the highest value data and building value add workflows through our RokDoc software.


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