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Curate is our knowledge management solution, designed to empower subsurface teams to make smarter, faster decisions. It accelerates exploration, minimizes portfolio risk, and optimizes well planning and delivery.

Curate provides instant access to subsurface information and enterprise-wide data in an open collaborative environment. Built on 20 years of expertise in solving subsurface knowledge management challenges, Curate drives better business outcomes by realizing efficiency gains across all exploration, appraisal, and development workflows.

Designed expressly for subsurface teams

Designed expressly for subsurface teams

Easy-to-use apps drive decision making

Easy-to-use apps drive decision making

Flexible deployment as managed SaaS, Private Cloud or On-premises

Flexible deployment as managed SaaS, Private Cloud or On-premises

Instant access to all subsurface data

Instant access to all subsurface data

Unified data solution promotes innovation

Unified data solution promotes innovation

20 years of unrivaled subsurface expertise

20 years of unrivaled subsurface expertise

Benefits Impact Every Level of your Organization

Curate makes digital transformation of your subsurface teams a reality – driving positive results to your bottom line. Accelerate production, minimize portfolio risk and optimize well planning and drilling efficiencies with reduced costs, lowered risk, and increased revenue.

Curate incorporates 20 years of subsurface experience into a powerful knowledge management solution. It unlocks your existing data and knowledge assets – maximizing the value to teams across your organization to solve your toughest subsurface knowledge management challenges.

Curate is ready for delivery today with a flexible design to support future expansion – ensuring your subsurface teams are well equipped to deliver strategic growth and sustainability.

We chose Curate as part of our enterprise digital transformation initiative. We have already seen improvements across our E&P teams with new efficiencies and lower costs. It clearly positions us for future growth.

Curate is a future-proof, subsurface solution designed to maximize the potential of your knowledge assets by fueling efficiency and accurate decision making.

Ready for immediate deployment, Curate is a scalable, cloud-enabled knowledge management solution designed to provide cost efficiencies and faster, more accurate decision making. Delivered via intuitive user-based apps, Curate leverages specialists’ knowledge across the enterprise and streamlines all subsurface data workflows – increasing your teams’ ability to make timely decisions that shape your organization’s business decisions.

Curate is a platform-agnostic tool with a variety of integration tools which allow it fit seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure and strategy. Curate has flexible pricing plans to meet the budget frameworks of growing enterprise

Curate was easy to deploy across our organization. It meets our stringent security needs while openly integrating with our existing systems.

Designed by subsurface experts like you, Curate brings together the best tools and trusted data in a single, collaborative workspace to ensure your team will make more efficient, smarter decisions.

Curate provides subsurface-focused, data-centric apps to streamline knowledge creation and decision making. Curate brings together your organizational data onto one subsurface knowledge management solution. It also links information from RokDoc and iPoint and lets you view it all in one place. It is an underlying data management solution that becomes the immediate home for all subsurface data and provides a flexible platform to innovate and expand workflows.

Our teams appreciate having one solution for all data and workflows. They spend much less time searching for what they need and they work smarter having all the unified knowledge and tools in one place.

Curate Delivers Subsurface Data Transformation

  • Delivers-1 Promotes knowledge access across all subsurface disciplines
  • Delivers-2 Boosts productivity with collaborative, scalable workflows in a single workspace
  • Delivers-3 Empowers subsurface teams to make more efficient, smarter decisions
  • Delivers-4 Simplifies gathering of all relevant information for rapid prospect de-risking
  • Delivers-5 Aligns with corporate strategies for IT and data enablement
  • Delivers-6 Leverages specialists’ knowledge across the enterprise
  • Delivers-7 Preserves capital and human resources
  • Delivers-8 Compatible with data platforms such as the OSDU™

Use seamless data streaming to monitor drilling operations of individual and surrounding wells in real-time, and rapid prospect de-risking

Optimize well planning and drilling, with less capital and human resources

Identify previously missed zones of pay and accurately predict and plan for negative drilling events before they occur

Maximize E&P activities cost-effectively to promote business stability

We are proud to announce a collaboration with Amazon Web Services and the OSDU™

Introducing Curate: Ikon’s NEW Subsurface Knowledge Management Solution

Discover our new Subsurface Knowledge Management Solution, Curate. This unique and versatile solution connects users with knowledge and unlocks the value of your data.


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