Ikon Science authored books

Ikon Scientists believe that it is important to give back to the scientific community. Our geoscientists actively contribute and publish within their fields of expertise.

3D Seismic Interpretation

M. Bacon, R. Simm & T. Redshaw

3-D seismic data have become the key tool used in the petroleum industry to understand the subsurface. In addition to providing excellent structural images, the dense sampling of a 3-D survey can sometimes make it possible to map reservoir quality and the distribution of oil and gas.This book covers...Read More

Seismic Geomechanics

J. Herwanger & N. Koutsabeloulis

Three-dimensional geomechanical models have seen a rapid increase in use by the oil and gas industry, with applications from drilling to reservoir management. Yet few university programmes include applied geomechanics as part of their curriculum. This course aims to fill this gap and presents curren...Read More

Seismic Amplitude

Rob Simm & Mike Bacon

Seismic amplitudes yield key information on lithology and fluid fill, enabling interpretation of reservoir quality and likelihood of hydrocarbon presence. The modern seismic interpreter must be able to deploy a range of sophisticated geophysical techniques, such as seismic inversion, AVO (amplitude ...Read More