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Understanding Uncertainty in Pore Pressure Prediction

Robust pre-drill pore pressure models are typically obtained using offset well data and seismic velocities. Recent feedback from the industry seems to suggest that there is no general consensus on the impact of uncertainty on well design in terms of risks and costs, and the metho... Read More.


Increasing effectiveness and efficiency of 4D data

by Drs. M.A.C. Kemper, Ikon Science For SEG Workshop 11: 4D Part 2 - Reservoir surveillance in a "lower for longer" world: Getting more for less – Friday 21st October 2016 ABSTRACT Reservoir monitoring has seen wide and increasing adoption across the oil and gas c... Read More.


Well tie for broadband seismic data

The seismic industry is increasingly acquiring broadband data in order to reap the benefits of extra low- and high-frequency contents. At the low end, as the sharp low-cut decay gets closer to zero frequency, it becomes harder for a well tie to estimate the low-frequency response... Read More.


One 4D Geomechanical Model and its Many Applications

We present a case study of model building, calibration and application of a 4D geomechanical flow model. Model building uses seismic inversion volumes to constrain a geological facies model, followed by upscaling to a reservoir simulation model and history matching. Similarly a 3... Read More.