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Pressure and Stress Assessment in Anisotropic Rocks

Understanding the pore pressures and stress distribution within the subsurface is of paramount importance in the design of a well in order to accurately determine the allowable drilling window. Many of the conventional methods that exist to predict the pore pressures and stresses... Read More.


Success in Mapping Thin Bed Carbonate Layers

Mapping thin targets such as carbonate stringers is a major challenge in all fields of Kuwait. The target reservoir is three Upper Jurassic carbonate units impeded in anhydrite sequences of the Gotnia Formation at approximately 10,000 feet below the surface. Available data consis... Read More.


Depth domain facies based inversion

Ask geoscientists, drillers, etc., and they will tell you, unsurprisingly, that the subsurface is modelled and drilled in Depth. However, whether the seismic is (two-way) Time or Depth indexed, seismic inversion products (impedances) are ubiquitously derived in Time, as convoluti... Read More.


Extending Field Life and Maximising Economic Recovery

Governments around the world are encouraging operators to improve efficiencies, decrease operational costs, increase production and extend field life and they’re revising their tax-take to promote that. The result is that mature basins still offer the chance of attractive... Read More.