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Success in Mapping Thin Bed Carbonate Layers

Mapping thin targets such as carbonate stringers is a major challenge in all fields of Kuwait. The target reservoir is three Upper Jurassic carbonate units impeded in anhydrite sequences of the Gotnia Formation at approximately 10,000 feet below the surface. Available data consis... Read More.


Inversion of 4D seismic data for production facies

Rapid and accurate characterization of time-lapse seismic data is important to enable operational adjustments to be made and provide a guide for future drilling. A facies-based Bayesian inversion offers some advantages over traditional simultaneous prestack inversion, primarily a... Read More.


Pressure and Stress Assessment in Anisotropic Rocks

Many studies have shown the important role that pore pressure and stresses play in the full life cycle of a field, not least in the determining of a safe drilling margin (see, for example, Green et al., 2016 and references therein). Conventionally, in shale dominated sequences th... Read More.