Predicting pressure in basins that are exhumed or contain rich source rocks is difficult.  Alex Edwards, Jakob Heller, S. Clancy, Neil Whitfield, and Steve O’Connor from Ikon GeoPressure look at a case study from the Barents Sea region

This article presents a series of steps giving an integrated approach to pressure prediction in the East Barents Sea. Multiple techniques and data types are used to predict pore pressure, including seismic amplitudes, provided by Searcher Seismic (to visualise structure and unconformities); Apatite Fission Track data (AFTA) (to understand exhumation history), supplied by GeoTrack, Melbourne; and log data and drilling reports to understand well histories. This is the first stage before seismic interval velocities can be used to predict pressure along 2D lines of seismic velocities that will over time extend into the Russian Barents Sea.