New cost and risk reduction solutions into the well decommissioning sphere

Last year’s collapse in commodity prices caused the global oil and gas industry to think hard about when to begin decommissioning late life producing assets. For field operators the bulk of the cost is related to the plugging and abandonment of wells. Operators want to take the decision to decommission safe in the knowledge that these costs and perpetual risks can be managed. 

Accordingly, Ikon Science is bringing new solutions into the $20bn North Sea well decommissioning market by combining a unique 6,000 well database of North Sea well data and analysis, with industry leading software technology to reduce well plugging and abandonment costs and subsurface risks during decommissioning. Ikon Science, with its 15 year track record as a subsurface geoscience innovator, will focus its initial efforts on the UK Continental Shelf where it has analysed over 4,000 wells and will bring to bear its unique ability to understand and model geopressure and stresses to reduce well plugging and abandonment costs.

Operating companies and UK government can minimise the cost of well abandonment while assuring hydrocarbons never leak to surface or into the overburden through active faults or inadequate cement plugs, with Ikon Science.

Ikon Science aim to reduce P&A costs by up to 35%.

When operators abandon a well, they are obliged to leave it in a condition that protects both the downhole and surface environment in perpetuity.  This involves removing completion hardware, setting plugs, and squeezing cement into casing annuli across producing and water bearing zones to act as permanent barriers to pressure from above and below.

Minimising the cost of these operations, without sacrificing the integrity of the abandoned well, is critical to operators who must make these significant investments that carry no financial return. In the event a seal fails and well fluids leak to surface, or cross flow into another formation, the operator is liable for fixing the problem.

Ikon Science can reduce the size or number of cement plugs and still assure long-term isolation integrity. In fact, our goal is to enable operators to reduce plugging and abandonment costs by up to 35%.

Ikon Science's decommissioning proposal

  • Study regional and local pore pressure and geomechanical stresses using static and dynamic reservoir data  
  • Build a basin-scale, integrated geopressure and geomechanical model of the linked aquifers and pressure systems affected by oil and gas extraction and water injection over tens of years
  • Perform robust well-by-well risk assessments of seal breach, leaking faults, and cement plug failure
  • Optimise and simplify well abandonment while minimising the risk of hydrocarbon leakage to surface or between formations

Ikon Science has undertaken extensive regional studies in the area where you are decommissioning wells

Video interview - Ikon Science Decommissioning

Andrew Hockey, consultant to Ikon Science on decommissioning, and Non-Executive Director of Fairfield Energy Ltd interviews Steve Jenkins, Senior VP of GeoPressure at Ikon Science, all about the Ikon Science decommissioning offering. They discuss Ikon's key differentiators with this offering, and how we can help save you money.