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Focus on Solving Subsurface
Knowledge Management Challenges

Delivered in partnership with Amazon Web Services

Ikon Science is proud of our ongoing collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Curate, our next-generation, knowledge management solution, built on the OSDU platform.

With Curate we bring data and knowledge to the workflows, integration with the OSDU is a key part of that process.

Our goal is to enable geoscientists to leverage the power of the OSDU to deliver value effectively and efficiently within their organizations through improved understanding of the subsurface.

We have worked with AWS to maximize the potential of the open nature of the OSDU to drive new efficiencies and possibilities for geoscientists.

We provide seamless integration between the OSDU and our products as part of the Curate software system.

Register here to learn more about our partnership at the OSDU™ Energy Data Platform on AWS R3 Launch Event on April 6th, 2021.


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