Seismic Petrophysics and Geomechanics of Unconventional Shales

Course Outline:

2 Day Course: This two-day training class is based on the unconventional chapters from Lev Vernik’s recently published, virtually sold-out book “Seismic Petrophysics in Quantitative Interpretation”. The course is exclusively available with Ikon Science.

Lev Vernik, a world expert in rock physics, along with a team of developers at Ikon Science have been working to bring a series of unconventional rock physics models into RokDoc. These theoretical models benefit from empirical calibrations using both log measurements and core data. On this course, students will learn the fundamental theory to integrate petrophysics with seismic using the rock physics approach. Attendees will learn how to reconcile a combination of organic richness with level of maturity to best identify reservoir for optimal completions.

Ikon Science champions that rock physics analysis allows for better estimation of reservoir qualities such as TOC, porosity, and saturation. Stress profiles and other geomechanical properties will be discussed for their effects on reservoir stimulation and other key completion quality indicators.

Students will leave the class knowing the best way to find quality areas of mature, kerogen rich and higher porosity reservoir by computing TOC and kerogen volume, and understanding how porosities, densities and mineral properties control observed Vp, Vs, Density and Total Porosity. Also included is synthetic seismic generation based on perturbed kerogen content.


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Petrologic observations in organic mudrocks (composition, texture, and geochemistry, including total organic carbon TOC and thermal maturity of kerogen).
Petrophysical log model: Computation of reservoir quality parameters (TOC, total porosity, kerogen porosity, and water saturation).
Rock physics (or how seismic rock properties respond to the petrologic features and reservoir parameters of organic mudrocks).
Geomechanical properties and their effects on reservoir stimulation quality.
Prestack seismic inversion for mapping TOC and fracture gradient.
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