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Course Outline:

1 Day Course: This course introduces the attendee to the basics of the GeoPressure Calculator (GPC) and Fracture Pressure Calculator (FPC) modules within RokDoc.

Using datasets from the Gulf of Mexico the course introduces some of the basic concepts of overburden calculation, pore pressure prediction and fracture pressure calculation, but is not intended to be a comprehensive introduction to the often challenging field of pore pressure prediction in shales. The course outlines the background theory of predicting pore pressure in shales and then proceeds to demonstrate these using the GPC and FPC applications. Although no previous experience of using RokDoc is required, it is advantageous.

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Theory: Pore pressure prediction in shales
  • Normal Compaction Trend
  • Disequilibrium Compaction
  • The overburden (Lithostatic gradient)
  • Pore pressure prediction
  • Eaton’s Ratio Method
  • Equivalent Depth Method
  • Bowers Velocity/Effective Method
  • Fracture Pressure calculations
Introduction to GeoPressure Calculator
  • Overburden profile (Lithostatic Gradient)
  • Normal Compaction Trend (NCT)
  • Pore Pressure Prediction
  • Equivalent Depth method
  • Eaton Ratio Method
  • Bowers Velocity/Effective Stress Method
Introduction to Fracture Pressure Calculator
  • Matthews and Kelly (Stress Ratio Trend)
  • Eaton (Poissons Ratio Trend)
  • Daines
  • Breckels & Van Eekelen
  • Ikon GeoPressure Pore Pressure Stress Coupling
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