iPoint for Geoscientists

Course Outline:

2 Day Course: Intended for either those who are new to iPoint, or an existing user looking to learn about the latest features and utilise some of the more advanced geoscience tools.

This course covers all basic functionality of the iPoint software for locating, viewing and visualising data, as well as the Advanced tools for Shift Creation, Interpretation and Analysis.

Show Course Outline
  • Introduction to iPoint
Workflow 1 – Change and Create Working Sets
  • Adding a working set
  • Setting share levels
  • Assigning data to a working set
Workflow 2 – Re-organising Index Tree in iMine & Examining Datasets
  • Introduction to iMine
  • The data tree
  • Dataset lists
  • Data matrices
  • Coverage charts
  • Indexing on properties
  • Changing the tree hierarchy
Workflow 3 – Configuring Crossplots & Ternary Charts
  • Creating crossplots
  • Multi-well crossplots
  • Configuring crossplots
  • Setting bins
  • Chartbooks
  • Configuring ternary charts
Workflow 4 – Statistics
  • Setting intervals
  • Configuring statistics
  • Adding shifts
Workflow 5 – The ArcGIS Map Viewer
  • The ArcGIS viewer
  • Well selection
Workflow 6 – Creating a Viz Point Layout
  • Create a new layout
  • Adding curves
  • Configuring curves and tracks
  • Adding basic fills
Workflow 7 – Configuring an Overlay
  • Adding overlays
  • Configuring Overlays
Workflow 8 – Formatting Tracks
  • Curve and overlay display
  • Adding shifts
  • Track display options
Working 9 – Configure Fills
  • Configuring gradient fills
  • Fills between curves
Workflow 10 – Adding Log Images and embedded views
  • Adding a log image
  • Adding a log header image
  • Adding core images
  • Configuring images
  • Adding overlays to image tracks
  • Adding embedded views
Workflow 11 – Editing the View
  • Setting track names and disciplines
  • Adding spacer tracks
  • Applying scales
  • Saving or printing the layout
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