iPoint for Data Management

Course Outline:

3 Day Course: Intended for Data Technicians and Data Management. Covers all aspects of System Administration including managing users and their permissions and the setting and management of data standards.

This course covers all Data Loading modules for tabular data and images of various types and the internal Document Management system. Also, it includes the basics of iPoint to enable QC and further data management options.

Show Course Outline
1. Introduction
  • Introduction to the Admin Tool
2. Creating a Project and Importing Well Header Information
  • Introduction to the ‘System’ module
  • Project creation
  • Adding well header information
  • Adding well properties
  • Configuration of well properties
3. Loading Datasets
  • Introduction to the ‘Data’ module
  • Manually adding datasets
  • The add data wizard
  • Loading industry standard files
  • Dataset properties
4. Setting Surveys Manually
  • Setting trajectory information as a survey
5. Loading Data via the Spreadsheet Loader
  • Creating a spreadsheet loader template
  • Assigning well attributes
  • Assigning curve attributes
  • Loading data via the spreadsheet loader template
6. Load a Dataset with File links
  • File link curves
  • Adding sequential image files
  • Adding multiple pages from a document
7. Loading Core Images – Core Plate Tool
  • Imagesets
  • Adding plates to an imageset
  • Creating sections
  • Editing sections
  • Image resolutions
  • Processing images
8. Loading Core Images – Montage Tool
  • Adding images
  • Setting section lengths
9. Loading Log Images
  • Loading log image files
  • Depth registering images
  • Cropping log header information
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