Completions and well design with Ikon Science

Ikon Science can assist in providing input for the well completion design in the following ways:
  • Optimise casing depths to safely drill high pressure formations and loss zones that will minimise drilling related issues
  • Determine the risk of casing failure due to movement on a fault or compaction of the reservoir during the life of the field
  • Advise on completion style (open-hole or cased and perforated) in order to reduce the risk of sand failure during production
  • This may also involve selecting the optimal perforating strategy in terms of phasing and zones to be perforated 
  • Determine optimal stimulation zones for hydraulic fracturing based on the rock mechanical properties and the in situ stresses

Hydraulically stimulated fractures will show (a) predominant lateral growth, if the resource layer has a lower minimum principal stress than the bounding layer, and (b) predominant vertical growth (out of zone), if the resource layer has a higher minimum principal stress than the bounding layer. Copyright 2015, Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC) DOI 10.15530/urtec-2015-2172545