Unconventional resource plays

Our RokDoc software platform brings together reservoir characterisation, petrophysics, geomechanics, and geopressure tools within one comprehensive ecosystem. This streamlines integrated workflows, allowing users at all experience levels to make smarter decisions with less effort, helping operators target resource areas offering the best productivity and reserves recovery.  Clients are using the results from Ikon Science’s integrated technology to high-grade drilling locations, identify drilling hazards and optimise completions.  

Ikon Science believes there is no single 'secret code' that will unlock every unconventional resource play.  Instead, we apply a rigorous, customisable approach to combine local rock properties - such as total organic content (TOC), elastic properties, and pore pressure with geomechanical parameters to deliver an optimised prediction of rock behaviour. 

High-grade your drilling locations

Unconventional reservoirs are inherently heterogeneous.  The criteria that define sweet spots are unique to each resource play. Placing wells based on an improved understanding of this variability leads directly to improved production

Powerful rock physics models

Understanding the effects of organic richness, mineralogy, micro-cracks, pore shape, and effective stress is a major challenge when developing unconventional resource plays. Ikon Science builds detailed rock physics models to decipher which combination of these properties is controlling the seismic response from your reservoir.

Integrating geomechanics and rock physics 

Reliably identifying and developing sweet spots requires a dependable mechanical earth model (MEM), properly constrained by rock physics rules. Ikon Science incorporates TOC, mineralogy, permeability, temperature, natural fracture patterns, and many other factors to produce a MEM you can count on when making development decisions.

Understanding onshore pore pressure mechanisms

Variations in pore pressure are thought to play a significant role in the producibility of some unconventional resources.   We are bringing our global pore pressure prediction expertise to bear on the challenge of mapping these variations from well and seismic data.  We are currently testing prototype workflows in collaboration with like-minded operators. 

Source: Yenugu and Vernik, Constraining seismic rock-property logs in organic shale reservoirs. TLE 2015. P-wave velocity versus TOC for three unconventional organic-rich shale reservoirs superposed with model realisations for different mineral composition and pore-shape factors but the same effective stress

Mapping unconventional facies from seismic  

Permian Basin Example 

A large dataset in the Delaware Basin has been evaluated using Ikon Science’s latest inversion technology, Ji-Fi (Joint Impedance and Facies Inversion). Variable facies distributions were imaged in unprecedented detail across six zones. Data from just a single well provided sufficient facies definition to deliver spectacular results. This information can now be used by operators to optimise well placement and stimulation design.

Data courtesy of Fairfield Nodal ©2015 Fairfield Nodal

Image Facies Distributions with Unprecedented Clarity

Borehole stability, well integrity and well performance

Are you drilling in the right direction? Predicting rock behaviour during drilling and completion requires an understanding of rock strength, rock properties, effective stresses, and how all three factors come into play throughout the life of the well. At Ikon Science, we help you identify and map geomechanical facies that represent the optimum place to drill and complete.

Maximise value from image logs

Wondering how to make sense of your wellbore image logs? Ikon Science has extensive experience characterising shales and coals, including sedimentological, structural, and stress-related analysis. Our rigorous approach to log processing, fracture identification and quality control ensures accurate, consistent, value-adding interpretation. For even greater return on your investment, ask how we can integrate the results with seismic inversion, permeability prediction, and geomechanical modelling capabilities. Read more...