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Explore and produce heavy oil with Ikon Science

Ikon Science provides unique heavy oil specific modelling tools. Saturation changes can be accurately calculated using the Gassmann or Ciz and Shapiro algorithms that properly account for the high viscosity of bitumen, using fluid properties that depend on temperature, pressure and seismic frequency. In addition, a number of rock physics models can be used to estimate effective stress changes on the velocities. 

Models can be built for individual wells or in 2D profiles allowing operators to understand the effects of steam injection on reservoir properties and rapidly create production templates to evaluate 3D and 4D seismic data. Stochastic inversion is available, but many heavy oil reservoir developments rely on facies-based classification to guide an optimal drilling plan. Ikon’s new Ji-Fi inversion inverts for facies directly, providing rapid and accurate seismic to reservoir classification. 

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