Frontier Exploration

Leveraging knowledge

Few potential hydrocarbon basins are totally unexplored. Some surveys and in most cases some wells exist in the vicinity of the area of interest, albeit often of old to very old vintage. The frontier explorer must make the best of what is available. This is often done by looking at one or more analogous basins that may share characteristics with the one of interest. Regional studies can be crucial to evaluating new areas, especially if they include some trends and an understanding of how they should be used, their limitations and other critical information.

The regional informs the local™

Ikon Science has been actively developing regional studies in various disciplines, notably geopressure and rock physics. They provide invaluable insights into risk factors and also include an in-depth discussion of the rock formations and in many cases the structural setting affecting the area.

Quantitative interpretation

New seismic data makes it possible to deliver a quantified prediction of rock and in some cases fluids. Ikon Science’s teams have experience working in numerous frontier areas in Nothern Europe, Africa, North America, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Ikon Science projects involve carbonates as well as clastics, offshore both on the shelf and in deep waters as well as on land.

The right tools

Underpinning Ikon Science's ability to support operators in new exploration ventures, the RokDoc platform and the industry-leading applications that it supports deliver significant value and unprecedented efficiency in tackling complex and heterogeneous data sets. Rigorous rock physics and powerful forward modeling capabilities provide a solid foundation to build a quantified model of prospective reservoirs.

Risk management

Frontier exploration carries inherent risks, since there is less information available to assess hazards such as geopressure anomalies or the likelihood of formation collapse. Ikon Science staff have many years of experience predicting hydrostatic and formation pressure in remote areas, so that wells can be planned with safe casing and mud weight parameters. Via skilled geomechanics we can deliver insight into those issues affecting borehole stability that may arise during drilling so that they can be anticipated and where possible mitigated. Moreover we will provide quantitative estimates of subsurface reservoir properties, flow unit connectivity and their corresponding uncertainties that can feed directly into reserves calculations and the assessment of the commerciality prior to drilling. 

Relentless innovation

Ikon Science works very closely with its customers on specific projects and through the support of the software. This results in a deep understanding of the needs of enterprising exploration operators seeking to open new frontiers. The R&D Department is constantly looking for new processes and methods to help customers be successful.