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Steve Hunt

Chief Operating Officer

Steve has over 25 years experience in the oil and gas services and technology development industry. He started his career with Western Geophysical, working on various marine seismic crews and later joined Wimpol (UK) and Comap in the U.S, where he was involved in various geoscience consulting projects, eventually heading up Comap’s Western hemisphere operations. In 1991, he joined Cogniseis Development Inc, where he led the sales, technical support and operations departments. Following the takeover of Cogniseis by Paradigm in 1997, he managed Paradigm’s Western Hemisphere operations, before leaving to join start-up visualisation technology company, Continuum Resources in Houston.

In 2001, Steve re-joined Paradigm as Senior Vice President/Managing Director of their EAME division based in London, leaving in 2007 to take up the role of Chief Operating Officer of AIM listed Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping plc, where he remained until 2009. He joined the Ikon Science team in October 2009 as Vice President Ikon Science EAME, responsible for developing Ikon Science’s business in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia/CIS and India and, in April 2011, was elected to the Ikon Science Board and took the role of Chief Operating Officer, responsible for Ikon Science’s global operations.