Drs Michel Kemper

Chief Scientist

A petroleum engineer with 31 years' experience in Geophysics, Petrophysics and Reservoir Engineering. The first 13 years were spent with Shell International in The Hague, Nigeria and London, during which time Michael made contributions to the interface between Petrophysics and Geophysics.

In May 1999 he became team leader Petrophysics/Petroacoustics at Ikoda Limited, working on a wide variety of projects. It is during this time that RokDoc - now one of Ikon Science's main products - was started. One of the co-founders of Ikon Science, he is now responsible for the incorporation of latest techniques and developments in the area of rock physics, seismic inversion and (numerical) earth modelling in the Ikon Science software portfolio in his position of Research Director. In 2016 Michel was an Honorary Lecturer for the SEG in Europe.