Geothermal Energy

For geothermal projects, we provide tools and services for the identification of basins and prospects with likely geothermal resource potential.
This involves understanding where overpressure is expected, the permeabilities of the reservoir formations, the methane saturation of the formation brine, and the formation temperature.

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Ikon Science provides tools for accessing, visualizing and managing geothermal datasets, provided in conjunction with our partnership with Seequent Limited.

A vast amount of data is acquired during geothermal projects at great expense and using it appropriately can be the key to the success of geothermal projects.

Our iPoint software allows the consolidation and management of all wellbore geothermal data, so you can have the confidence that your data is available in a single environment, with rigorous standardization and audit trails, regardless of its origin.

Ensuring that the right data is available at the right time maximizes the value of geothermal projects.

Our technology is leveraged by leading geothermal organizations globally, including Mercury.

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