Ikon Science Helping with Effective Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage

To ensure effective CO2 injection, containment, and storage, we need to understand the effect of the injection process, where to place injection wells, the migration of the CO2 plume and seal integrity, as well as developing effective monitoring workflows.
We help companies:

Characterize properties, chemistry, and structure of the subsurface.

Develop effective and cost-efficient monitoring techniques.

Understand the ability of fluids to flow.

Tracking of injected CO2

Our workflows allow geoscientists to model the impact of CO2 injection over time on seismic response, facilitating better insight into the potential of seismic monitoring and the definition of the most effective 4D seismic program for monitoring.

We also provide technology to monitor injected CO2 over time using time-lapse seismic data.

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Icon Science

Pressure, stress and seal integrity

The consideration of pore pressure is key when understanding subsurface CO2 containment and storage mechanisms.

Ikon Science provide a range of technologies, workflows, and services for understanding pore pressure regimes and investigating cap-rock and fault-seal integrity.

Applications of our technology to CCUS

Ikon Science is a member of the REX-CO2 (Reuse of Existing Wells for CO2 storage) consortium. The project’s aim is to facilitate the re-use of existing wells and assets for CO2 storage.

By re-using wellbores and infrastructure before they are abandoned, costs can be saved against re-drilling new wells whose sole purpose is CO2 storage.


Ikon Science is also member of the Geomechanical Assessment of CO2 Storage Reservoir Integrity Post-closure project, which is designed to study how CO2-brine induced-salt precipitation/dissolution affects geomechanical integrity of CO2 storage reservoirs.


We contributed to the CO2 Storage Evaluation Database (CO2 Stored), a comprehensive estimate of UK CO2 storage capacity.

This database provides online access to information for over potential CO2 storage sites offshore UK.


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