Ikon Science's Chris Hanton will be presenting at the Calgary Data Management Symposium, Tradeshow & AGM. 

His talk will take place at 2PM on October 22nd.   

Abstract - The utilization of new to industry digital technologies to improve workflow efficiency and maximize production is currently one of the hottest topics in the industry. Countless case studies and presentations exist which show how adoption of this technology improves results and derives new value. However, for many companies who are yet to take control of their data, the real question is – where do I start? Powerful technology and directives from senior management can initiate transformation but the actual processes to deliver a successful solution that meets business needs requires company-wide awareness and buy in. The project management aspect of a digital transformation project cannot be understated and this process begins long before the installation of any applications or implementation of any workflows. This presentation focuses on refining what the digital transformation revolution means for the subsurface discipline. It then highlights those steps that must be taken both on technical and management levels to ensure a successful implementation. Case studies illustrate both successful and failed implementations and highlights the lessons learnt from both scenarios.

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