Monday September 16 2019 – London – Ikon Science releases RokDoc 6.7.0 which includes significant new geomechanical capabilities available with the Pressure Prediction Module*.

The latest release of RokDoc provides useful tools for all interpreters interested in understanding the geomechanical properties of a reservoir and its overburden. The tools can be used in workflows which impact risk assessment, optimising well design and trajectories, wellbore stability during drilling, well completion programmes, or reservoir monitoring and performance during production.

‘’In order to effectively propagate and communicate risk within full 1D to 4D workflows for geology, geophysics and drilling, an integrated multi-scale solution which combines all data types is required’’ commented Chief Product Officer, Denis Saussus.  ‘’With the tools available via the latest release, users can intelligently extrapolate geomechanical properties and create robust subsurface models’’.

 ’I previewed this software at URTeC 2019 in Denver and considered it to be very useful for teaching my engineering students how to characterize and monitor reservoirs and build geomechanical and petrophysical models. Ikon’s RokDoc package is a very good integration of geoscience and petroleum engineering’’ commented Rasoul B. Sorkhabi, Research Professor, University of Utah.

One of the most significant new features for this version release is the addition of the 3D Analytic Geomechanics calculators.  This new functionality*, allows users to combine 1D geomechanical models with 3D elastic property models to create 3D representations of in situ stress state.  Once the model is defined, users can readily extract well profiles based on conceptual target locations or planned trajectories to investigate drilling parameters such as collapse curve pressure, mudweight windows and rock strength which can all be used to refine and improve drilling target selection and well design. When combined with the 4D Reservoir Monitoring add-on, the 3D Geomechanical models become inherently 4D, allowing asset teams to explore the impact of production-related changes on existing and future infill locations such as borehole stability and overall integrity.

In addition to the Geomechanics workflows, RokDoc 6.7.0 continues to see a focus on usability. In particular, the introduction of ‘Wavelet Sets’ not only allows the rapid population of relevant dialogs, but also adds the ability to specify angle or offset dependent wavelets in synthetic seismograms. In the Pressure Prediction Module, updates to the Pressure Translation Tool now allows users to translate pressure data to new offset or prospect locations across multiple wells simultaneously, reducing the need for repetitive tasks. 

For more information please request a demo. 

*This functionality is available as the Geomechanics add-on to the Pore Pressure Module.