Ikon Science will be waiting for you at SEG 2019. At the conference, we will be officially launching iPoint, software for data management, geologically consistent aggregation and visualization of subsurface wellbore data and showcasing RokDoc, the industry-leading platform for the prediction of subsurface, reservoir and fluid properties.  Find us at booth 2829 at SEG in San Antonio. 

Abstracts for the Accepted Papers

Bright Green - IKON LIVE | Grey - BOOTH TALK | Orange - EDUCATIONAL EAT | Yellow - SEG TECH SESSION 


Session Chairs

  • Ehsan Naeini: "Interpretation 1" - September 17th, 8:30AM - 11:50AM, Room 221C
  • Venkatesh Anantharamu & Paritosh Bhatnagar: "Induced Fracturing" - September 18th, 8:30AM - 11:50PM, Room 305

Poster Session Chairs

  • Gabriela D'Aubeterre: "Methodology 1" - September 16th, 1:50PM, Poster Station 8
  • Gabriela D'Aubeterre: "Kinematics and Velocities" - September 17th, 9:20AM, Poster Station 13
  • Gabriela D'Aubeterre: "Methodology 4" - September 18th, 2019, 9:20AM, Poster Station 7.
  • Jeremy Gallop: "Methodology 5" - September 18th, 1:50PM, Poster Station 8

Workshop Participation

  • Michel Kemper: "Inverting Seismic for Reservoir Connectivity" - September 19th, 10:35AM, Room 221B
  • Ehsan Naeini: "Value of High-Frequency FWI Models" - September 19th, 10:15AM, Room 303B
  • Alexander Edwards: "Interpretation and De-risking to Support Decision making in Development and Production" - September 19th, 4:20PM, Room 225B