Ikon Science will be on booth 2829 at SEG in San Antonio, we'll let you know on LinkedIn when more details are on this webpage. Be sure to follow Ikon Science 

Accepted Papers

  • Ehsan Naeini - "A machine learning approach to quantitative interpretation"
  • Kester Waters, James Gunning - "Improved seismic characterization through facies based inversion in the depth domain"
  • Denis Alexeenko, Richard Exley - "Seismic data conditioning is an essential step for facies prediction"
  • Venkatesh Anantharamu, Lev Vernik - "Linking preferred orientation of shale minerals to their elasticity"
  • Jeremy Gallop - "Inversion of 4D seismic data for production facies"
  • Alexander Edwards, Kester Waters - "Pressure and stress assessment in anisotropic rocks"

Session Chairs

  • Ehsan Naeini: "Interpretation 1" - September 17th, 8:30AM - 11:50AM, Room 221C

Poster Session Chairs

  • Yoryenys Del Moro: "Kinematics and Velocities" - September 17th, 9:20AM, Poster Station 13
  • Andrew Snowling: 'Methodology 4" - September 18th, 2019, 9:20AM, Poster Station 7