As ever, Ikon Science has a strong technical presence at the SEG.  This year we have 5 papers, 2 workshops and 2 session chairs. During the show we will launch RokDoc 6.6.0. This releases focuses on improved onshore data handling and delivering powerful new workflows to extend field life and maximize value of large datasets through improved knowledge management and machine learning.

Please scroll down for our talk timetable and to sign up to lunch and breakfast sessions click on the green 'educational eats' buttons.  


1. Seismic-based de-risking of unconventional plays by integrating rock physics, inversion, geopressure, and geomechanics. Dr. Marianne Rauch-Davies. PDF. 

15th October, 206A, 3:55 - 4:15 in the Case studies and workflows session 

2. Multiscenario, multirealization seismic inversion for probabilistic seismic reservoir characterization.  Kester Waters. PDF. 

16th October, 209A, 9:20 - 9:45 in the Bayesian Analysis, Statistical Methods and Machine Learning session 

 3. Inversion in a VTI medium. Mark Sams. PDF. 

16th October, 206A, 1:50 - 2:10 in the Anisotropic Media Room session. 

4. Quantitative interpretation using conventional and facies-based pre-stack inversion — A thin dolomite reservoir case study in Cabin Creek Field,

Williston Basin. Paul El Khoury of Colorado School of Mines with Ehsan Naeini. PDF. 

17th October, 209A, 2:40 - 3.05 in the Imaging, Inversion and Integrated Studies session

5. Play scale seismic characterization: Using basin models as an input to seismic characterization in new and emerging plays. Alan Mur. PDF. 

18th October, 206A, 11:25-11:50 in the Theory, Methods and Applications session. 


Alan Mur will chair VOSI 4: Theory and Deconvolution Methods. Wednesday 8:30-11:50 

Simon Payne will chair AVOSI 5 :  AVO Inversion. Wednesday, 1:50 to 5:10


Our team will be participating in the workshop "Leveraging the value of SEAM Models: What has been done and what is the future potential".

Scott Mildren has been invited to speak at the "Understanding Unconventionals with Rock Physics, Geomechanics and Seismic" workshop on Friday, October 19th.