EAGE is around the corner and the Ikon Science team are looking forward to greeting you at the show.  Please see the timetable of our planned activities below. 

We will be participating in Seismic Inversion into Lithology/Fluid Classes workshop on Sunday June 10th. 

The Ikon Science booth talks will take you on a tour through our new technology and latest case studies. Talks will run all day every day.  We have and an on-booth workshop on Python* for the RokDoc External Interface, lunch and learns on a series of hot topics and a host of new tools to show you including; the evolution of RokDoc Ji-Fi for stochastic reservoir characterisation, our developments in RokDoc 4D, our inroads with Google into A.I. for Geoscientists  and much, much more.  On top of all that, Ikon has a series of technical papers as part of the official EAGE proceedings, including work with Devon Energy and The DEA group.

We'd also like to announce our very special guest Lev Vernik.  Since the September release (RokDoc 6.5.0), RokDoc has been full of rock physics models for unconventional plays. To celebrate this we will be flying in this geoscientist and author who is a world expert in rock physics and pioneer of research on seismic rock properties of organic shales at Stanford.  Lev will be giving several talks on Ikon's booth for both for conventional and unconventional based geoscientists and has also co-authored one of the technical papers. Please have a look at our timetable for details. 

Scroll through our timetable for details...    ##EVENTTT##