Visit us on booth 2713 at URTeC 2018 to learn how Ikon Science technology and workflows can add value to Unconventional plays. 

Come see RokDoc in action with live demonstrations and preview inspiring and innovative workflow case study examples. You can also attend our popular on-booth technical talks, client presentations, and lunch & learns to gather new ideas and workflows for your toughest challenges. 

There will be an A.I. basics coding workshop for Geoscientists with Google and Ikon Science.  Whilst this is full you can express interest in a repeat event. 

Ikon Science will be sponsoring URTeC's " AAPG Student Innovation Pitch" session this year, along with Martyn Millwood Hargrave being a judge.

Ikon Science will be on the technical showcase with the following topics 

Title: "Using Traditional Methods to Predict Pore Pressure in Devonian Black Shale Basin of North East British Columbia"

Presenter: Sam Green

When: Monday, July 23rd, 11:15am

Where: Room 320


Title: "Can Seismic Inversion Be Used for Geomechanics? A Casing Deformation Example"

Presenter: Jeremy Meyer

When: Monday, July 23rd, 3:55pm

Where: Room 320


Title: Predicting Pore-Pressure From On-shore Seismic Data in the Delaware Basin"

Presenter: Marianne Rauch-Davies, Bob Schmicker , Steven W. Smith of Devon. Sam Green , Jeremy Meyer  Ikon Science.

When: Tuesday, July 24th, 8:30am

Where: Room 342



Ikon Science's founder and executive chairman, Martyn Millwood Hargrave, will be a co-chair for the following sessions: 

Title: "Big Data Applications to Unconventionals"

When: Monday, July 23rd, 1:45pm - 4:20pm

Where: Exhibit Hall, Station D


Title: "Geophysics in the Permian Basin"

When: Tuesday, July 24th, 8:30am - 12:15pm

Where: 342 


Title: "Integrated Characterization of Unconventional Reservoirs - From Outcrops to Geomodels III"

When: Wednesday, July 25th, 9:40am - 12:15pm

Where: Exhibit Hall, Station A