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Unconventional plays are known to be variably pressured horizontally and laterally. Pore pressure prediction using on-shore seismic data is not trivial as the relationship between porosity and overpressure is complicated by a complex geological history. The variation observed in seismic velocities may not relate directly to changes in pressure; for example, the presence of gas, and TOC can both act to slow the velocity which mimics a pressure response that is actually erroneous. 

Pore pressure is a critical input to a geomechanical model and can impact the mechanical behavior of the well. A well-based workflow has been developed which is able to predict the pore pressure and construct a geomechanical model that matches the wellbore measurements. The resultant models are then applied to a high resolution 3D seismic inversion encompassing key elastic properties and facies prediction to produce a 3D understanding of the distribution of pressure and stress.

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