Jan 29th 2018 - Ikon Science, the leader in geoprediction technology has donated 30 of its RokDoc geoscience software licenses to the Earth Science Department at the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India. The donation allows the institute’s earth science students to have access to the latest software technology in the areas of rock physics, reservoir characterisation, seismic inversion and pressure prediction.

Dr. Ravi Sharma, Asst. Professor at the Department of Earth Sciences at IIT Roorkee expressed his delight, that the students of the Department are getting firsthand experience on processing the well-log data for general petrophysics and elastic property prediction using the RokDoc software as part of their course work.

Once again, Ikon Science is working hand in hand with geoscience institutes around the world through their RokDoc software to allow students to use industry leading technology for their learning and research, subsequently getting them to be familiar with software technologies they will likely be using when they enter the workplace.