Drs. Michel Kemper, Ikon Science's Chief Scientist, will be in Houston to deliver his Rock Physics keynote "Facies-based Reservoir Characterization through the Asset Lifecycle."   

This lunch celebrates Ikon Science's win of the 2017 World Oil Award and we are honoured that Andy McDowell, Publisher of World Oil will be present. We will also be serving an extra special celebratory style lunch.  This talk will have been presented this fall at FORCE - Stavanger, The EAGE workshop on rock physics - Abu Dhabi, and PROSPEX - London.


Reservoir characterization is essentially the process of getting as much valuable information as possible out of a variety of data sources so that geological modelling and subsequent flow simulation, and key economic and technical decisions are optimally underpinned by that information. In this talk Michel Kemper will introduce a new facies-based approach that overcomes the issue of seismic lacking low frequencies. In essence, for each facies expected (e.g. Shale, Water-Sand, Oil-Sand), a low frequency model (LFM) representing compaction behaviour is constructed, and all are input to the inversion (i.e. the low frequency information is over-specified). This allows the LFM that is ultimately used, to be inverted for, i.e. it is an output, not an input.  Case studies through the asset life cycle ranging from exploration through appraisal/development to production, will be discussed which demonstrate the commercial and technical advantages gained by this new game changing technology.

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