Ikon Science is sponsoring the Indonesian Brain Gain Chapter of Kuala Lumpur by providing RokDoc software and funds to support a two day workshop and seminar to be held on 19-20th August 2017 at Universitas Indonesia in Jakarta.

This event which will be attended by final year geoscience students from various universities in Indonesia, will consist of a workshop  on Basic Quantitative Seismic Interpretation followed by a Leadership Training Seminar. The students will have an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the tools used in the industry to locate hydrocarbon bearing zones, analysing both seismic and well data.

The leadership seminar entitled “Dare To Be Future Leaders” will also be attended by geoscience professionals from the Oil & Gas industry in Indonesia,and is aimed at inspiring and guiding these final year students as they enter their future workplace.

This event is organised by Indonesian Brain Gain Association in collaboration with University Indonesia and sponsored by PERTAMINA EP, PERTAMINA EP-CEPU and Ikon Science.  

Ikon Science is privileged to be part of this event,welcoming future leaders of the Oil & Gas industry in Indonesia.