June 16th 2017. Ikon Science, the global geoprediction software company, has announced the release of its flagship software RokDoc version 6.4.3. 

RokDoc 6.4.3 offers a significant leap forward in enhancing the efficiency, usability and overall user experience, with focus on onshore bulk well data loading and the manipulation and viewing of log data and attributes. Highlights in this latest release include:

  • Strong focus on further improving the user experience – reducing button clicks, managing larger volumes of well data, accelerating workflows
  • Optimisation of data transfer between RokDoc and Petrel via the RokDoc Petrel Interconnector
  • Improved connectivity with Open Spirit for accelerating data transfer across applications
  • Batch scheduling and high performance computing options for Ji-Fi
  • Multi-realisation generation and analysis tools for uncertainty assessment

Denis Saussus, Ikon Science CTO commented ‘’This latest release continues Ikon’s commitment to listening to its end users and focusing on improving the overall user experience and quality of the results. Such focus on efficiency and ease of use, whilst also progressing the science and technology in the software, is paramount in today’s market conditions’’.

RokDoc users can find the full release notes at ikonscience.com/support or contact [email protected] for a demo.