Ikon Science will be participating in APPEA from 14-17th May in Perth and we will be present in booth # 189. 


Ikon Science is a global geoprediction company offering software and solutions for your subsurface needs. Our QI, geopressure and geomechanics teams and technology unlock the value of hydrocarbon reserves whilst reducing costs and uncertainty.  Our clients work with us to (i) predict reservoir properties (ii) understand the behaviour of fluids in reservoirs and surrounding rock and (iii) drill safely.   

At booth #189 during the APPEA, Ikon Science will show you how our multi-award winning RokDoc Ji-Fi will create high definition reservoir geology from your seismic data. Other reasons to talk to us include; significant enhancements in RokDoc, the ongoing development of Petrel* QI, new project case-studies and significant inroads for unconventional reservoir productivity.   

We have everything that you need for a strong 2017 - less risk, more security, and increased success… including a new representative for Australia, Pieter Gabriels and cool beers on the booth each afternoon.  


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