Ikon Science is pleased to announce that it will be running its RokDoc 1D2D course for job seekers, in Jakarta, thanks to the kindness of Universitas Pertamina, who have donated a training lab and computers to the cause.

The University’s Geophysics Program Coordinator, Muhammad Husni Mubarak Lubis, commented ‘’It is essential for every job seekers in oil and gas to develop competencies in software utilisation since those are tools that will help geoscience perform their job, exploring the hydrocarbon potentials. Learning rock physics becomes very important since it relates the knowledge of geology with geophysical parameters’’.

Geo’s between Jobs was launched by Ikon Science during 2016 for job seeking oil and gas professionals.   Members of the Ikon Science support team teach participants basic workflows and principals from RokDoc 1D2D and after completion of course provide a 3 month RokDoc license for practice. This course is aimed to improve understanding of rock physics so that better exploration can be achieved.

Ikon Science has successfully trained over 250 oil and gas professionals in different parts of the world like Houston, London, Kuala Lumpur, Perth and India.

 There are limited places but Ikon Science is still taking applications.  Interested people may apply at https://www.ikonscience.com/training/geos-between-jobs.  Winners will be notified by March 29th 2017. 

About Ikon Science

Ikon Science provides comprehensive software technology and consulting services that enhance the value of reserves while reducing drilling costs and operational uncertainty. Through the RokDoc software and integrated geoscience consulting business, Ikon Science enables models and analysis required to deliver safer, cheaper and more efficient exploration, reservoir optimisation and drilling.

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