In 2017, Geomechanics will be the key discipline to significantly improve the planning and execution of reservoir optimisation operations through a more thorough understanding of changes in stress state, pore pressure and rock properties caused by the production of the oil or gas.  

Ikon Science offers seamless integration of well-based 1D and seismic-driven 3D geomechanics that constrains model inputs, and results in more detailed and reliable predictions of static and dynamic properties. This new course for 2017 takes RokDoc users through the workflow and tools for 1D geomechanical modeling in RokDoc and shows how to build and calibrate a model in 1D, constrain in the Stress Polygon, cross-check predicted results with image logs, and build an offset well plan using RokDoc 2D.

The full course outline is available in the Ikon Science training pages and the course will run first in Houston, January 30th – February 1st. Please apply online or email [email protected] for more details. 

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