Job seeking geoscientists local to Roorkee, India, can apply to join the Ikon Science ‘Geo’s Between Jobs’ program. The program has been running at Ikon offices worldwide. Nearly 200 geoscientists have now completed the course and learned how to use RokDoc for typical rock physics workflows. Normally the training takes place in Ikon Science offices but now, thanks to the initiative from the IIT Roorkee there is the chance for participants in India to join.

We have received so many applications from India since Ikon Science launched this program in 2016 but without Ikon Science training facilities we could not run the course. Prof. Dr Ravi Sharma of IIT Roorkee has demonstrated great commitment to industry during these times through his agreement to provide a training room, computers and teach the participants’’.

The training will take place Jan 25th – 27th 2017. Interested applicants can apply now at Please note that candidates with previous QI or Rock Physics experience will have a better chance to win.

Important note - The training and a 3-month license is free for job seekers but accommodation and travel is at own expense.

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