Regional Pressure & Rock Physics Studies
At the start of any Ikon Roknowledge project, a relevant team of Ikon Science experts are pulled together from the Ikon QI Solutions and Ikon GeoPressure departments. Ikon Science employ passionate geoscientists from a range of geoscience disciplines who are capable of taking a fresh and flexible approach to any project.

Ikon Science has a global team of petrophysics and rock physics experts, experienced geologists and geophysicists, passionate quantitative interpreters and energetic technical assistants.

We put together the most relevant team for every project and have a track record of successful partnerships with local firms in Africa, Brasil and Asia.

Who We Are
Ikon Roknowledge is the rebirth of Ikon MultiClient. It covers the complete range of our regional rock physic and geopressure non-proprietary studies. 
How We Add Value
Ikon Roknowledge provide much more than just reports of a number of individual wells.  In fact, we always take it to the next level by analysing the relationships and the trends from these multi-well data sets, in order to provide the reader with enough information to extrapolate data to areas where no wells have been drilled to date.

Richard Swarbrick explains more

Where We Study
We have in-depth data available in the UK North Sea (1), UK North Sea (2), West of Shetland Pressure and Rock Physics, Norwegian Sea, Niger Delta, Barents Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Canadian Flemish Pass and Australian Carnarvon Basin.
Contact Us
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