Ikon QI Solutions - Petrophysics

Ikon Science have a global team of petrophysicists that are able to deliver high quality petrophysical interpretations across a broad range of geological environments.  When combined with our rock physics and seismic expertise, the petrophysical evaluations can be calibrated in such a way as to provide a set of data that are consistent with seismic observations, so called seismic petrophysics.

As well as providing turnkey projects, Ikon Science also provide for purchase a global database of interpreted well data, available as regional studies or as individual wells or groups of wells.  The wells in our studies have been analysed in a consistent and repeatable manner, providing consistency across large geographical regions.  This makes their use in analogue studies ideal.

Routine petrophysical analyses can also be combined with detailed pressure, rock physics and geomechanical workflows to deliver an integrated study which can provide you with a detailed post mortem of your well(s) and provide invaluable information for future seismic interpretation (AVO analysis), well planning, pore pressure prediction and borehole stability studies.

Petrophysics Evaluation

Poro-Perm Cross Plot

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