Ikon QI Solutions - Petrophysics

Ikons detailed knowledge of rock physics brings another level of analysis and interpretation to the petrophysical review. Using the elastic logs and the AVO seismic to perform what Ikon call 'Seismic Petrophysics' we deliver a better understanding and integration at the well. 

Ikons petrophysicists are able to perform a diverse mix of petrophysic methodologies, from conventional (N-D,GR, Archie, etc) to multi-mineral analysis and more advanced specialised Carbonate Dual Porosity analysis. The latter uses the rIkon Petrophysicsecently developed Xu-Payne approaches as part of the RokDoc suite.

Using quantitative methods, attention to detail will highlight exactly where geological features are:

  • The section seen in the image contains a 5 metre hard streak within a 30 metre sand.
  • This streak represents 1:6 of the N:G space and we therefore need to know its exact position.

The seismic bin spacing is 25 metre x 25 metre. If the bed is spatially limited, 5 metre x 5 metre, the seismic along will not pick it up.

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