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Ikon Geopressure is pleased to announce that its joint study with Sonar Ltd, the first large scale pressure study ever to be undertaken in Africa, has now been completed. Entitled ‘Deep and Ultra Deep Water’ and carried out in Nigeria, the study was the first phase of the Niger Delta Pressure Study , and was undertaken in collaboration with the Nigerian Government’s Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR).

The ‘Deep and Ultra Deep’ phase of the study has provided the DPR with the opportunity to create a new database of 304 wells, comprising of 94% of the exploration and appraisal wells in the area, which were sourced from all deepwater operators in the region.

Describing the importance of the study, Andrew Obaje, Director of the DPR, said that Phase One of the Niger Delta Pressure Study was a "model project". He added that the project met the goals of governments and regulators, by ensuring "safe drilling practice and enhancing exploration potential".

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