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Oilfield Technology - 'The Importance of Facies'

In the related papers tab below it is possible to access another great publication showcasing Ji-Fi's ability to show the rock type and properties at depths below the sea or land.  In May 2016's Oilfield Technology, Michel Kemper explains how incorporating facies within the ... Read More.


Integration of Lithological Data for Advanced Seismic Inversion

In this paper, which was presented at third EAGE/SBGf joint workshop in Rio de Janeiro,Ikon Science first introduced the new EFA-aware seismic inversion system and then describe how sedimentological, petrographic and/or basin model information can be used (instead of or in additi... Read More.


Predicting pore pressure in carbonates - a review

Carbonate reservoirs are the targets of many drilling programs in the Middle East. One of the challenges in developing these types of reservoir is to mitigate the risk caused by unexpected pore pressure - these pressures can vary dramatically from relatively benign (e.g. Arab C a... Read More.