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Ikon GeoPressure is the leading industry specialist in pressure data analysis for exploration, drilling and development. We provide geologically driven pressure models for rock property-based solutions.

Our range of services includes: 

  • Pore pressure and fracture pressure prediction for well planning
  • Regional pressure analysis
  • Trap integrity/seal breach analysis
  • Hydrodynamic reservoir recognition
  • Real-time/pore pressure while drilling

Ikon GeoPressure combines pressure data and knowledge of relevant geology along with an understanding of overpressure mechanisms to create its detailed pressure models. In this unique, integrated approach, the geology and rock properties serve as controls to underpin the validity and accuracy of our data interpretations and pore pressure predictions.  

Ikon GeoPressure expertise offers support at every point in the exploration – assessment - production cycle, from well planning, to reserves mapping and estimation.  Our project experience is both technically and geographically wide ranging.

At Ikon, we think things through, so you can have utmost confidence in the final results.  We have a strong team, led by some of the world's most respected geoscientists.  If it relates to pressure, we can help you.  

Seal breach analysisAvoid reservoir breaching and leaking hydrocarbons

Using fluid and fracture pressure data, in combination with our proprietary algorithms of the estimation of lithostatic and fracture gradients, (in addition to structure maps and fluid types) allows: 

  • Geologically driven pressure prediction and post-well analysis
  • Prediction of seal capacity to assess risk of seal breach
  • Effective stress mapping to aid identification of leak points, blown traps, protected traps and potential accumulations

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Real-time software & servicesAccurate and timely advice and results

Following the  acquisition of Terra Geotech in 2013, Ikon GeoPressure now offers real-time drilling software and services capabilities.  

Advanced basin geopressure models have been built for several Norwegian sector areas, in Central Graben and Viking Grabens. Team members have worked on projects in many worldwide areas and current activity covers drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea and other active offshore drilling areas.

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Pressure prediction for well planningRecognise the unique challenges and find the similarities

Ikon GeoPressure use pore fluid and fracture pressure derived from direct measurements, wireline and/or seismic data together with stratigraphic, temperature and salinity information to produce relationships to predict: 

  • Pore pressure 
  • Overburden/lithostatic pressure 
  • Fracture pressure 

HydrodynamicsWe offer worldly advice on tilted contacts, laterally draining systems and enhanced seal capacity

The integration of quality controlled pressure data with reservoir mapping allows

  • Identification and direction of fluid migration
  • Identification of laterally-drained reservoirs 
  • Implications for hydrocarbon column height vertical fluid barriers, up-dip migration and stratigraphic trap-filling

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Regional pressure analysisThe regional informs the local

Ikon GeoPressure is the pre-eminent company for the production of regional pressure studies. Basins targeted are those with the greatest challenges to safe and cost-effective drilling. 

Challenges come not only from unexpectedly high overpressure but also from lateral drainage, where reservoir fracturing and/or mud losses may occur unexpectedly. Regional studies may be the only way to fully understand the pressure system; from tilted hydrocarbon contacts in hydrodynamic aquifers, to mapping high and low overpressure compartments.

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